Exact hand made reproductions of 1959 - 1964 Pre Cbs S guitars.

Reproduction vintage guitars exact in every detail.
The reason our metalwork looks authentic is firstly that the materials - the metal AND the type of plating - are the same quality and are processed as they were 50 years ago in the USA - secondly we do not over age them or use materials that would not normally come into contact with a guitar - we do NOT rub it with wire wool or sandpaper or soak them in acid or vinegar.
We have engineered the jack cups so they have the correct size screw hole and countersink for the era.

We have 3 types of bridge plates for T - Type guitars - through body stringing plates, drilled for top loading and through body (1958-59 approx), late 1962 onwards with patent number stamping. 


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